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"100 Little Curses" by Street Sweeper Social Club plays as the "Voice of Truth" in Angel Falls, Ben Trek, comes back from break with a special guest…)

"Ladies and Gentlemen, right now we have a guest who many thought would never come on my show…she's leading the Mayoral race in Angel Falls and is also a leader of the Guardians, Melinda Crane.  Ms. Crane, thanks for joining us today."

"It's my pleasure Mr. Trek, I appreciate this opportunity to answer…"

"The opportunity to answer for your failures, Ms. Crane. Everyone knows how much I've been opposed to Stranger Industries desire to field a superhero group and your candidacy for Mayor of this great city.  Well, a few days ago, you managed to show the city and the world why they're both a mistake.  Ilsa Hauppman, better known as Genocide, was set to go on trial but somehow she organized not only her escape but, along with the Fourth Reich, massacred innocent people in cold blood. And, in a scenario where there should have been a group of super humans to keep them in check and supplement the work of Angel Falls' finest, all we had was you and a guy with a golden axe…a guy who isn't even part of this team but a bystander.  Tell me Melina, how is it that as leader of this group, that you couldn't even get one person to show up?  While I dislike that muscle bound communist, Soviet Superwoman, don't you think you should've at least had her there?  Hell, she could've been there to testify against her."

"Those men and women at the courthouse weigh on my mind every day Mr. Trek.  As a leader of the Guardians, I made a mistake.  I thought since Ilsa Hauppman was no longer a threat…that Genocide was gone that we didn't need an elevated presence there.  I was glad when Olga informed me that Walkiria and she were taking some time off because having them there would have only escalated the media circus that existed.  But not having others there…that oversight has haunted me since then."

"Because it's your poor decision making that caused the death of those people."

"If we had more people in the area, yes there would've been fewer casualties. And, if it wasn't for the help of the man named Cedric, there would have been more.  I haven't slept in the days after the attack, but make no mistake.  Those deaths were caused by a group of sick, twisted human beings who will be brought to justice."

"The whole situation was botched from the beginning with the lax security at the prison. Genocide shouldn't even have been brought to trial. Someone should've put a bullet between her eyes the second after she was captured. She deserves to die."

"She deserves to be in the deepest darkest part of Tartarus. She deserves to never see the sun rise or set again. She deserves a bed that's too short in a cell that's too small. She deserves just enough food to keep her functioning. She deserves to be in solitude for every day in her natural life and when her time on this Earth ends, she deserves to be brought to judgment by God Himself where He will send her to Hell for all eternity. And I promise you Mr. Trek, and the people of Angel Falls, that I will see Ilsa Haupmann and the Fourth Reich again in that same courthouse and they will answer for those who have died by their hands. Thank you for your time Mr. Trek."

Mindy stood up, removed her headset, and walked out of the studio, leaving Ben Trek at a loss for words, before the board op pressed the button sending the show to break.
A short story to supplement :iconsoviet-superwoman:'s story which can be found here:


Mentioned but do not appear:

Cedric (c) :iconryat66:

Walkiria (c) :iconteri-minx:

Soviet Superwoman and Genocide (c) :iconsoviet-superwoman:

Mindy Marvel (c) :iconbrad328:

If Mindy has her way, Genocide's going to get "lawyered" in :iconangel-fallsda:
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NamelessManic Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011
They will fear you. They will cry for you to save them and they will still fear you. And that one time you show them just how human you are they will not fear you, but they will hate you. (Little thought I had as I read this)

That guy likes to play the blame game.
Lurker-Below Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010
Leaving Ben Trek speechless, isn't that a new super-power? :D
JamesE82 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010
The Crimson Conservative: “Where do I go to get a “Voice of Truth” bumper sticker for my tank?”

Ignore her--I have some politics I am eager to insert here, but I, unlike Connie, shall refrain. Mindy deserves a :thumbsup: for at least taking a position and admitting mistakes were made; that makes her a good person. Whether it makes her a good politician, however…

Great little scene!
Teri-Minx Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
It proves that Mindy has the grit to be mayor. She didn't let Ben Trek buffalo her into backing down. Good for her!
andrewr255 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010
For as fierce as Mindy was she was still heroic in the sense she was still not in favor of putting a bullet between Ilsa's eyes.
Speedslide Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010
Now THAT was awesome. The first time I see Mr. Trek witout a comeback! Excellently written!

:bulletred:Virtus::bulletred: "If illegal immigrants could vote, I would definately cast it on Crane. Won't stop me from wearing her pin though."
dagame2578 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010   Traditional Artist
It's on now!!! Great follow up
KaijuDuke Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010
You tell that creep whats what Mindy!
cele7110 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Now that is an oddity, but quite a good response from Mindy as well. She also picked a great time to walk out. :thumbsup:
Kallsu Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think Mindy could have had a more perfect response. It was not only befitting of her position as the leading Mayoral candidate, but also as the leader of the Guardians and an icon of Angel Falls. Well done!
Sharpshooter14 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010
You tell him, Mindy!
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010
Wow... Ben Trek lost for words, that has to be a first... and Mindy is quite intesnse there too.
LoneStranger Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
WOW that was short, blunt, and to the point. Bravo!
Zespara Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010
Go Mindy!!

I stand by MM 100%. With a speech like that, I'd imagine that everyone would go through a brick wall for her. That's why she's the leader!! :)

While I agree with Mr. Trek's assessment, he could've been a bit more civilized in his summary. But then, Alexandra Xenos was being just as blunt in her field report. But a field reporter is definitely different than a talk show host in preparation.

Katze7 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010
Trenchcoat man: *hands EMC card to Ben* GIve us a call...
Soviet-Superwoman Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010
Wow. That's probably the most brutal Mindy has ever been in public. No wonder Trek was at a loss for words, she surpassed everything he had thought of already and they were in agreement in a way. Good stuff all around.
RolandGrey Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010
Cool. Cedric's getting face time =P
vince3 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010   Writer
Hopefully it will happen.
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